Diane Conway has been conducting sober retreats (and an occassional cruise) for women annually since 1990.  

Diane and Karen Warner had a brainstorm while on a women's camp out on Mt Tam.  They both said in unison, "We hate to camp!" On that same trip, a woman told them about White's Mansion and the Sober Sisters Retreat was born!  

Karen and Diane wanted to create a fun weekend of fellowship where women could share their fears, hurts, dreams, hopes and laughter in a safe and gorgeous setting.

There have been so many 'sober sisters' who have helped put on the retreat over the years.  

Sample Schedule



4:45 PM Early Bird Meeting  - Living Room

6 PM Dinner 

7:30 PM  Opening Meeting - Living Room

9 PM Charades, Games – Living Room



7:00 AM  Early Risers - Living room or by the Pond


8:30am Breakfast

9:30  AM Inspiration Stone - Living Room


11:00 AM  Fearless Workshop - 3 groups - Living room, Upstairs, 3rd Floor

12:30 Lunch

1:30 PM Clothing Exchange - Living Room

3 PM Alanon Meeting - Living Room

4 PM Silent Hike

5 PM Guided Meditation - 2nd Floor – Meditation Room

6 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Pajama Meeting – 3 speakers - Living Room    

8:45 PM Intimacy, Relationships, Sex and Body Image – Living Room



7:00 AM  Early Risers - Living room or by the Pond

10 AM Brunch

10 AM Let Go and Let God Meeting - Living Room

11:30 AM Gifts of Sobriety  - Living Room